July 12, 2006

Better late than never - ELC #2 - One Local Summer

Building on the momentum generated by May's Eat Local Challenge, Liz from Pocket Farm offers an encore of sorts in the form of her One Local Summer event. I'm a couple of weeks behind the rest of the pack, but I'm anxious to put some of the lessons I learned in May into use on a semi-regular basis. "One Local Summer" feels like the perfect opportunity.

Tonight I kept it simple and ate at a reasonable hour (before the sun completely disappeared for the evening). A couple of eggs from my brother in Newcastle, scrambled with basil from Gilroy and goat cheese feta from Sebastopol. A salad made of micro-greens from San Juan Bautista, avocados from Capay, and blackberries from Dinuba. And a "honeykist" nectarine from Winton for dessert. Everything except the salt in the eggs from within my "local foodshed."

Sometimes the simplest preparations are indeed the most satisfying.

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Liz said...

Lovely. You Californians are *so* lucky with all that gorgeous fruit.