August 05, 2008

Lost My Marbles: A TWD tragedy narrowly averted

Well it was bound to happen.

To be honest, I expected it weeks ago, with the pie crust.

But no. I wait until the quick bread, one of the (presumably) *easiest* recipes I've encountered in my tenure with TWD to fail with a Dorie recipe.

It's my fault. I took a short cut, and tried to melt the chocolate in the microwave even though I know that method almost always gives me grief. I didn't want to be bothered with the water bath. As happens about 50% of the time, my chocolate started to seize. I *thought* I'd salvaged it.

But when I tried to free my banana bread from the pan it was pretty clear I hadn't. The chocolate sections separated from the pure banana sections so perfectly you'd have thought I *planned* it that way.

Sigh, not a pretty picture, but it made tasty parfaits with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Other people fared far better than I did with Dorie's Black and White Banana Bread, this week's pick from Ashlee over at A Year in the Kitchen. Go check them out!

From the archives...
In 2006 I kicked off National Farmers' Market Week announcing a week long field trip to the bay area's best markets.
In 2007 we found comfort in Sicily with Jamie Oliver's Italy.


Jenny said...

Hehe still looks edible so can't be too bad!

Mara said...

It looks good to me!! I always melt my chocolate in te microwave...but I tend to put heavy cream in and ganache it to keep it from burning, regardless of what I am doing with it.

TeaLady said...

**IT happens. Chocolate is soooo temperamental!!! Hang in!!!

Jaime said...

i cheated too w/the microwave method, but luckily my recipe turned out ok. at least it was salvageable - sounds great w/ice cream :)

Stephanie said...

You know, despite the fact that it's "ugly," that is one of the most delicious looking sweet breads I've ever seen. I would love a bowl of that with ice cream!