August 31, 2006

Happy Blog Day!

What is Blog Day? According to the organizers, it's an opportunity to discover excellent new blogs. If I'm any indication, it's working... I spent my lunch break and much of my evening following the links from some of my favorite bloggers to all new (to me) authors on all subjects from partying through my next 40 years to unique product reviews. Thank you, my friends, for sharing!

The "guidelines": Each participant finds five new blogs - preferably blogs that cover subjects different from the reviewing blogger's typical topics. In my case, non-food blogs. Okay, I can do that. Let the authors know you've chosen them. Check. Post a review of each of the five blogs, including links.

So without further adieu, allow me to introduce...

I'm not a parent. But two of my favorite blogs feature the trials and tribulations of raising a family in the 21st century...

The Delicious Sarah inadvertently introduced me to Danny of
Dad Gone Mad
, and I've never looked back. If Heathcliff Huxtable met Homer Simpson in some otherworld scientific experiment, the result might be a dad like Danny. Reading about his journey through fatherhood reminds me daily why I'm *not* a parent -- therapy costs more than college. Go. Read his story. Buy a DGM shirt. You know you want one...

For another snarky take on parenthood check out Dooce. What's neat about Heather is she says exactly what she's thinking without apology or explanation. She has a phenomenal way with words, and she's not afraid to use them. She can have me laughing uncontrollably in one paragraph, and bring me to near-tears three sentences later. In my world, that's a gift. A gift I'm grateful she shares.

In the area of expressing opinions, no one's more proficient than Bitter with Baggage. A former teacher turned full-time student, she's got an opinion on everything. And agree or disagree, I respect her willingness to express it -- her posts make me think.

I'm not Jewish. The nursing industry squicks me more than parenthood. The Certifiable Princess and I have virtually nothing in common. But I love the way she writes, so I come back for more. Again, she makes me laugh and she makes me think.

Jessica's words of wisdom challenge me on an entirely different level. Her assertion that it's not about (my) stuff inspires my inner domestic goddess with little ways to add order and efficiency to my life on a daily basis.

So there you have it -- my nominations for five blogs you must check out. Happy Blog Day all!

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Lola said...

Thank you so much for the shout out.