September 20, 2006

Far more satisfying than therapy, a relaxing girl's night... in!

A quick no-hassle, no-cook, nosh-as-we go dinner of cheese, fruit, cold cuts and a nice bottle of wine -- just the Wednesday girl's night respite that Tracy and I were looking for to unwind from a couple of L-O-N-G H-A-R-D weeks.

Tracy brought the D'Affinois and a decadent fig spread to serve with it, a rich yummy red from the quirky folks at Bonny Doon, and a bit of bubbly. I contributed my favorite St. Augur Blue, Wensleydale studded with carmelized onions and a wedge of Red Hawk to the cheese plate, some farm-fresh-this-morning grapes and cherry tomatoes, sliced smoked sockeye salmon and imported mortadella, and a couple of wedges of chocolate for dessert.

We unwrapped the cheeses, poured the wine, and spent the next several hours sitting around my coffee table -- talking, laughing, sharing and noshing. We talked about everything and about nothing. Her family and mine. Love, men, commitment, memories & regrets. Business plans, remodeling, antique furniture and the frustrations, aches & pains of the Dilbert cubicle life. Food, wine, local-sustainable-organic, and the spinach 'crisis.'

In the end, we didn't save the world. We don't have the cure for cancer or the recipe for world peace. I'm not even sure we resolved our *own* individual frustrations. But we spent an evening together enjoying good, simple food -- feeding our friendship in the process. Since both of us traditionally relate far better with men than to other women, this alone is pretty significant. We're both equally amazed and fascinated as our bond grows.

As we packed everything back up for the refrigerator, it occurred to me that sometimes the simplest of menus are the most satisfying. 'Specially when you combine them with good conversation with good company.

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wheresmymind said...

Simple foods + decent Vino + good company = one great night. I'll take that any night over fussy pretty food and forced conversations