January 06, 2007

On creating a monster...

We haven't packed the pasta roller up from Monday's adventures yet. (And yes, I *do* intend to tell the story behind Monday's adventure... as soon as I'm through with this round of system testing at work).

And we're trying to limit "mindless takeout" this year -- opening the refrigerator rather than the phone book or the drive-through -- and redeploying that portion of our food budget to the newly created vacation fund.

So when John suggested he'd make fresh pasta for dinner after a Saturday of non-stop errand-running, I didn't need a lot of convincing.

Because pesto appealed to both of us we made a quick stop at the grocery store, figuring we'd pick something up out of the deli case.

Hmm. $7.50 for half a cup of pesto. And that's the store brand.

A quick trip down the produce aisle reveals we can get a bunch of fresh basil for $1.59. I've got leftover pine nuts from my holiday baking. And what self-respecting Italian American doesn't have garlic or olive oil in her pantry?!?!

When we got home, John made the pasta. While the dough rested, he whipped up the pesto. My sole contributions to dinner were helping with the pasta roller (a three-hand job) and grilling up a bit of sausage.

Yeah, I could get used to this.

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wheresmymind said...

Should check out my post on pasta making:

I've gotten the process down to only using 2 hands!! :D

Barbara said...

Hi Dolores -thanks for dropping by my site. I bought pesto today and it was expensive. Next time I'll make it too.