September 03, 2008

Spreading the word and sharing the love: Operation Baking GALs Round 2

I could easily have subtitled this post "be careful what you ask for."

Galvanized by the clear success of Operation Baking GALs round one and the fun I had with my small contribution to it, I decided to enlist some assistance in round two. So I turned to our Wednesday night square dance group, the Rockin' Jokers.

With members in early forties to late eighties, our club has among its members veterans of virtually every branch of United States military service, men and women who served in times of peace and war throughout the 2oth century. I had no problem recruiting many members eager to pitch in and bake a box of goodies for the collection of servicemen selected for Operation Baking GALs round 2.

We baked eleven varieties of cookies and contributed lots of other sweet and savory goodies for six young men serving overseas:

Originally from New York state, Lt. Eric Olson is currently serving aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and was hosted this month by Stephanie over at Steph Chows.

Colin Price is a graduate of the Naval Academy currently stationed in Afghanistan and was hosted by his childhood friend and one of his biggest fans, Kara of What's Kookin' in Kara's Kitchen.

US Air Force Staff Sergeant Daryl Harper and his merry band of 22 airmen are currently serving in Iraq. Daryl celebrated a birthday in mid-August, and we had fun decorating his box in celebration. Daryl was hosted this month by his mother in law Debbie of At the Table with the Hungry Fox.

After several stints in Iraq, Air Guard member Joe Maker and his buddies are over in Afghanistan. He was hosted by his aunt Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch.

Army Sergeant John "Russ" Murray hails from Georgia and currently serves in Terwa. He was hosted by his sister in law Mary Ann of Meet me in the Kitchen.

We filled 11 boxes with goodies and treats, and several of our members included personal messages of faith, love and encouragement. We're a diverse group politically and we hold a wide variety of opinions about the war and the upcoming election. But we all know that these men and thousands of others make hundreds of sacrifices every day, and we want them to know we support them and we appreciate their service.


AmyRuth said...

Just wanted to say "thank you for your efforts." I'm sure it was very rewarding experience. i can't imagine how it must have made those young mean feel. I am so thankful for their willingness to stand united for the good of our great land.