December 30, 2008


We need to talk big guy.

Collin asked you very nicely. I begged, pleaded, cajoled... everything short of offering you my first born.

But no Wii for me underneath the tree.

I got your note. I understand demand's a little high this time of year. And that part of me that responds to guilt trips is GLAD Timothy and Tina in Texas had their best Christmas evah because of my sacrifice.

I also appreciate you putting in a good word with Cupid. But February's a long way off. There are seven Dorie Tuesdays to traverse before Valentine's Day. That's a LOT of butter and sugar buddy...

I give you this week's indulgence: Tall and Creamy Cheesecake chosen by Anne of the eponymous Anne Strawberry. Okay, so mine's not exactly tall or particularly pretty. Despite the water bath AND my tallest springform pan, we had a bit of overflow. And I was able to distribute the caloric love by using this as my contribution to the dessert buffet at a dance we attended in the city. My tasters didn't care that it was short and ugly. It WAS creamy and they had no complaints about the taste.

So that solves this week's "how do I keep this off my hips" dilemma. But have you looked at the list for January? French Pear Tart? Berry Surprise Cake? I'm glad you liked the cookies. Care to join me in one of the January delights? You can bring the elves...

Oh, and Cupid? You're welcome to join us too.

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Lori said...

no WII- bummer. MAybe Valentines then. I am so glad I dont do TWD, not that I dont want to because I love the group but by gosh, I think I gained 20 pounds doing that! Wish I could bake cake and eat it too.

Bellini Valli said...

Wow look at the height on that cheesecake. Lots of activity to wear off the desserts with a Wii. Did you tell that to Santa!!

Anne said...

We want a Wii too, haha- I hope it works out for Valentines! I'm glad you liked the cheesecake and could share it (too much goodness to stay tempting in the fridge!)

Richard said...

That cheesecake looks like heaven exploded.