February 08, 2012

Eleven Herbs & Spices...

Corn meal?

Accent Flavor Enhancer (tm)?

Malted Milk powder?

Odd (and not inexpensive – a 2 ounce vial of Accent costs nearly seven bucks)… but after nearly fifteen years on a mission to find a copycat recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s original recipe chicken livers, anything goes.

So we raided my spice drawer for the basics, headed to the marts of trade for the esoterics, and armed with a pound of chicken livers (for John) and chicken tenders (for me), we embarked on an epicurean expedition in search of finger lickin’ good.

We've been here before. And judging by my Google Analytics numbers, there are a lot of you out there in the same boat.

Well this time we've done it. Mission, accomplished. This is it folks. The Colonel would be proud of what came out of an inch of frying oil.

Now we just owe the guy who sent us this link a bucket of original recipe and a dozen of my Dorie-inspired cream biscuits. A small price to pay for a bit of fast food Americana.

Finger Lickin' Chicken Tenders