April 30, 2006

The future's so bright... Story Winery

The solution to my problems with over-subscribed wine storage options?


And I didn't think I *liked* Amador County zins. Ha!

Our second weekend in Plymouth in under a month, we found ourselves with some free time on Sunday afternoon and chose to tour the area wineries with our friends Bill & Vickie.

First stop Sobon Estate Winery, where we reconfirmed that we're big Primativo fans, followed by a visit to sister winery Shenandoah Vineyards to taste what they had to offer.

From there we headed toward Charles Spinetta Winery where among other things, I discovered that all white zinfandel is not grock. We walked away with a couple of bottles that will be great on a summer picnic or autumn neighborhood barbecue.

Our last stop was Story Winery, for our first experience with barrel tasting. A day of surprises -- I expected little more than very young, fermented grape juice flavor. What we found was a lot more than grape juice -- young, yes -- but with more than a hint of how it would mature over time. We walked away with a receipt for a combined case of their 2005 vintage. And we have a little over a year to come up with a plan for storing it...

Obsession? What obsession?

Story Winery
10525 Bell Road
Plymouth, CA 95669