April 17, 2006


It's funny, really, how this blog thing seems to take on a life of its own.

I started this little adventure as a creative outlet. I've got a degree in journalism and I love to write, but for a lot of reasons not worth exploring here, no one has ever paid me to write (nor is that likely to change any time soon).

And I adore food. Lots of food. Fast food, junk food and gourmet food. Shopping for it. Planning menus around it. Creating culinary masterpieces (and even mistakes) with it. Trying new recipes. Writing new recipes. Exploring new restaurants and returning to old favorites.

I confess I've lost touch with my inner teenager -- I don't understand the drive to expose my soul on My Space or my face and the story behind it on FaceBook (my soul, my face, my life just aren't that interesting).

But expose my inner exhibitionist in a blog about food? Yeah, I can do that.

Not sure how it works for others, but for me, what started as a creative outlet for myself gradually grew into a feeling of community. I started to read other food blogs. I quickly identified several favorites. Each has his or her own personality, and my day wouldn't be the same without them. And each week, my list grows by a blog or two. Obsessed? Who is obsessed?

As I discover other voices out there, I begin to wonder if anyone's listening to mine. Like the velveteen rabbit seeking counsel from the skin horse I know I'm here, but I sometimes wonder if I'm real.

I add a counter, which confirms that people are surfing in. And occasionally staying a while. Validation.

Occasionally, someone comments on something I've posted. Indicating they're reading, not just looking at my stunning (stunted) photography.

I get tagged with a meme by one of the cool kids. So some folks are coming back for more...

And then, when I least expect it, THE bay area blog takes an interest in my Peep expose.


I may never be rich, famous, or beautiful.

But I have arrived.

I am real.