June 09, 2007

Coming Soon -- Leftover Tuesday!

Originally launched by David over at Cooking Chat back in January, Leftover Tuesdays celebrate creative reinterpretation of ingredients lingering in refrigerators around the world: leftovers. I'm honored that David's offered me the opportunity to host the 6th edition on Tuesday June 26.

The rules are fairly simple:

  • First, the easy part: have a leftover item on hand as a result of your cooking (or other dining) between Wednesday June 19 and Monday, June 25
  • Second, make something new and spectacular with those leftover items and blog about this new creation by Tuesday June 26.
  • Third, let me know about it. Send an email with a link to your post, the name of your new creation (and a 100x100 photo if you'd like that included in the roundup). Send your entries to dolores(dot)ferrero(at)gmail(dot)com by Thursday June 28.
I will post a round up on or about Sunday July 1. Then we'll vote. Pick a couple of winners in categories to be announced soon.

Looking for ideas or inspiration to get you started? Check out the previous editions:

David's inaugural roundup in January.
Rachel hosts in February.
Megan offers options for every meal in March.
Ceres and Bacchus (what a *great* blog name) reminds us of the financial benefit of toting leftovers to work for lunch during the 4th edition roundup in April.
And Pam of Project Foodie continues the tradition of geographic and culinary diversity in May.

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Lis said...

Excellent - I'm always using left overs =) I look foward to seeing this round-up!

I'm adding it to the DB this morning, thanks for letting me know, sweetie =)


kellypea said...

Great idea! So this means I have to think about dinner on Wednesday....Or defrost those frozen stuffed chicken bombs (as they are lovingly referred to)!

kellypea said...

Oops! Just read through the requirements. Egads. The timespan would constitute a science experiment in my fridge! But I'll shuffle things around. Hopefully they aren't stuck :-)

David said...

thanks for hosting!

Mary said...

I missed the last one because I was moving, but I've already got plans for this time.