June 04, 2007

Market Fresh Meal - Salmon

It's 7:30 PM on a typical Monday night. Your heroine's followed eight and a half hours of meetings, test plan reviews, performance evaluations and budget analysis with 45 minutes at 25 MPH crawling up the grade toward home.

The mission: a healthy, nutritious, balanced dinner... before the sun set *completely* in the west.

Fortunately my refrigerator's well-stocked with goodies from a weekend of market field trips.

I started with fresh Pacific salmon caught three days earlier off California's coast, one of a tempting variety of seafood offerings available from North Bay Quality Seafood of Cotati at my local farmer's market.

After a bit of recipe research on the web, I took my inspiration from Bron's Baked Fillet of Salmon with Sweet Chili Sauce, and while the salmon baked I created a salad base from a handful of farm-fresh romaine, onions, and avocado from my CSA box tossed with a vinaigrette made with the chili sauce.

By 8:15, I was sitting down to a delicious dinner composed almost entirely of local ingredients assembled quickly in my own kitchen, glad I hadn't given in to the lure of take-out. It wouldn't have been *nearly* as satisfying -- to eat or to blog about!

Special thanks to Alanna of A Veggie Venture, Jeanette of Matchbox Creative and Kickpleat from Everybody Likes Sandwiches for this adorable icon. "Blush" the Sweet Tomato will appear on blog posts around this world this summer when a blogger highlights the delights of the local farmers' market.

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Big Boys Oven said...

I am sure it was a real good meal!!!

sher said...

They have Copper River Salmon at the store this week--which is my idea of heaven. You picture is insanely gorgeous! I'm buying some salmon tomorrow!

Lis said...

We've got the Copper River Salmon here as well.. just waiting for the price to go down a bit ($27.00/lb!) before I buy some. I'd be much happier to buy a local salmon, but you don't see them around here to often. *sigh*

I love your quick salmon dinner - it looks scrumptious!


Kristen said...

Nothing is better than a great fresh salmon meal. Yummy!

Bron said...

I love to see people having success with recipes from my blog, thanks heaps!! Salmon and Farmers markets are two of my most fav things!!