March 05, 2008

Flavors of March: Jamie's Favorite Frittata

As the winter gloom lifts a bit here in Northern California and gives us the first glimpses of the spring flavors to come, I've chosen Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Italy as my flavor focus for March. I find Jamie's collection of Italian favorites the perfect way to approach this seasonal transition: he offers stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods sure to drive the chill out of late winter evenings while showcasing fresh flavorful ingredients that abound each spring.

I prepared La Migliore Frittata di Gameretti e Prezzemolo (Shrimp & Parsley Frittata) without straying much from the recipe. I employed farm fresh eggs from my brother, parsley from a neighbor's herb garden, meyer lemons from a colleague's front yard, and a half pound of rock shrimp I picked up from my fishmonger. I served it alongside roasted red potatoes and a handful of salad greens tossed with avocado from my CSA.

The recipe is quick and easy to assemble, relying primarily on kitchen staples. It's filling and satisfying without overwhelming. The lemon gives the dish a wonderful brightness, which complements the punch of the pepper flakes brilliantly. Next time I'm going to add some fresh vegetables (artichokes, asparagus or edamame would be wonderful) and perhaps top it off with a chipotle cream or a tomato-avocado salsa...

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From the archives...
In 2006 we were surrounded by kids' tables at one of our favorite restaurants.

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This sounds delicious. I make frittata a lot, but have never tried seafood in it - I will have to try that. It is great way to use up those leftovers! ;)

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! :)

Deborah said...

I saw this and recognized it, then saw that you mentioned my frittata!! I really need to try some more from this cookbook, because I really loved everything that I tried.