August 15, 2012

Glancing back, walking forward....

Over the last several weeks, I've used my facebook space to spotlight some very special people in my life -- men and women who've fought their own courageous battles with cancer. In the next couple of weeks, I will introduce you to a couple more.

But tonight I'm going to share a bit more of MY story throughout my social network. Apologies if you're seeing this in multiple spaces, but it's important to me that i get the message out -- to as many people as possible.

About a year ago, I took a phone call that would change my life. In a heartbeat, I went from "something doesn't look right" to "it's cancer." As I absorbed a veritable encyclopedia of information about margins and hormone suppression and radiation-safe personal hygiene, I clung to my commitment to the Komen Breast Cancer Three Day in an attempt to stay sane.

I actually wore one of my old victory shirts to a pre-surgery appointment. My oncologist's response: "your 2012 shirt will say 'Survivor'". It was one of those moments where everything became REAL -- both the gravity of what lay ahead and the core belief that I WOULD survive. That image carried me through many of the scariest moments of the journey. And spurs me on when I get to 10 or 12 miles and my calves are screaming to stop.

So in addition to the brave men and women in whose honor and memory I am walking, this year's journey is also about me. It's about taking back some control after six months without much. It's about celebrating my return to health. It's about proving that "60 Miles. Yeah. I can do that".

Please, take the time to follow this link, read a little more about what I'm doing and why, and support me if you can.