November 26, 2012

He TOLD me I'd need two...

...and thus an afternoon of Thanksgiving will result in a month of creatively repurposed turkey breast.

Allow me to explain.

Your heroine headed in to Whole Foods in search of a turkey breast to serve six adults. Six adults. No mention of anyone under the age of ten.

I explained to the nice young man behind the counter that I was going with a turkey breast because I didn't want ton of leftovers. Because these six adults would be indulging in wine and appetizers while the bird parts roasted. Because there would be no fewer than six side dishes served with the turkey -- to satisfy everyone's individual love/hate relationship with vegetables.

The nice man assured me I'd need two turkey breasts to satisfy my crowd. That one breast would comfortably serve four adults.

I took the nice man's advice.

I now have seven pounds of sliced turkey breast and four quarts of turkey stock occupying real estate in my refrigerator.

The good news:  Kevin's Parmesan & Sage Roasted Turkey Breast turned out quite tasty. I avoided Josie Smith-Malave's turkey sashimi without turning it into sawdust. The parmesan, sage, and garlic gave the turkey a nice fall flavor, and my guests were impressed that we incorporated cheese into every single dish on the dining room table. The bird breasts are moist and flavorful, but versatile enough to provide the protein in a variety of different dinners for one.

Saturday we made grimnace for snacking through a Master Chef marathon. Tonight I paid homage to my father with my riff on his Hot Turkey Salad. In the days and weeks that come, my leftover turkey breast will take a bit of a world tour. There will be turkey panini. Turkey quesadillas. Turkey Pho. Turkey reubens.

By mid-December you can bet I'll be thankful for steak or seafood or salad.

And next year we'll be a single breast family.