March 25, 2006

And for dessert our heroine will have...

Not the fried cheesecake this time, despite it's devilish divinity. Not the Kahlua fondue with seasonal fruit, though we know it rocks. Not even the tempting trio of sorbets. Nope, nope, not me. On this trip to Nibblers, I chose to end my meal with a second serving of the salmon sashimi. Oh. My. Gawd.

On the menu, Daniel calls it Sashimi of Pacific salmon with lemon, black sesame, scallions & ginger soy glaze. Uh huh. Yeahsurerightfine. Ginger soy glaze indeed.

Five slices of beautifully striped, buttery salmon (pork fat my ass... fish fat rules!).

Bathed in the most sublime sweet & tangy sauce -- maple with hints of vanilla, nutmeg and yes... ginger. Karmic-ly balanced...the salmon sets off the sauce, which sets off the salmon... a Zen moment.

Yeah, I'll have some more of that.

As it turned out, I didn't actually end my meal with the sashimi. Tracy would have none of that. She and Daniel had conspired on a new dessert, and she wanted our honest opinions about it. Well okay. Far be it from me to turn down sugar. Urp.

There in front of us sat Strocolo di pomi with Fuji apples, golden sultanas, pine nuts, cinnamon & a caramel balsamic gelato.

Before we get to Tracy's creation, let me reiterate: Caramel Balsamic Gelato. I've never tried a gelato from Fiorello that didn't wow me, but this was beyond amazing. Delightful for licking off someone you love. But I digress...

The Strocolo was phenomenal. With the apples, the sultanas, the nuts, and everything else, it had a whole lot going on. What amazed and delighted me was that not a single component dominated this dish - you could easily taste each of the ingredients. And what I adore about almost every dish Nibblers puts before us... the whole is so very much more than a sum of the parts. Food just doesn't GET any better than that.