March 31, 2006

Better than a run for the border

One of the neat things about this food blog thing is I realize I'm not alone (or crazy) in my strange cyclical relationship with various foods. Okay, the appearance of sushi (often of dubious origin) in every mega-mart from Safeway to Walmart convinces me I'm not the only one obsessed with raw fish (though I have standards). But Beth's recent revelation that she cooks in phases and lived on quesadillas for several weeks caused me to sigh in relief. I'm not weird. Really I'm not. See, other people obsess too!

So what edible's captured my culinary attention lately? Nachos!

better than a run for the border

Building on the basic chips and cheese, my version of nachos take inspiration from many of the friends who garnered guest appearances in Mo's sacred kitchen. Ida added green onions to her nachos. Henri added olives. Maria cut up roasted peppers. My nachos also use up whatever leftovers I happen to have on hand. Homemade mango/jalepeno salsa. Sour cream. Crumbled bacon. Some leftover avocado. I've even occasionally added chopped wild mushrooms to the meat source. Anything goes. Except beans. Not without an epi pen handy.

The primary meat source these days is well-rendered chorizo, which serves as both a protein and a delightfully spicy seasoning.

But nachos for dinner? You bet. They're cheap. They're quick. They're easy. Though they're not health-food, they're a fairly simple conduit for passing some vegetation into the diet. They satisfy the cravings for salty, crunchy and spicy. And they're great for those nights when we want to nosh in front of the food network. With a cold beer or a nice glass of Lizard Rock Sauvignon Blanc cuddling with someone you love while Alton Brown busts food myths, they're a great way to slide into the weekend...


MM said...

LOL, I think blogging itself fuels culinary obsessions. I for one have lots of phases and cravings. I once went through a few weeks of Marmite toast obsession, then grilled cheese sammiches, then laksa ... and currently I seem to be on a Thai salad kick.

I'm eagerly awaiting my next culinary craving. Yours looks quite appetising actually ...