March 13, 2006

Street food favorites...

If it's a weekend in March, John and I are on the road promoting our upcoming square dance festival and searching for interesting food on the go. This weekend found us in beautiful if not-so-sunny Los Banos in California's central valley. A quick scan of the local yellow pages indicated the nearest sushi was 50-some miles away. "Best sushi! - chinese! - thai! - teriaki! - korean! food," screamed the ad in 72 point type. Hmmm. Fifty miles and they specialize in "Asian". Plan B? There seems to be a mom and pop taco stand every fifty feet. When in Mexico City... Saturday's lunch break found us driving up and down Pacheco Blvd in search of the dive-iest, most authentic north-of-the-border taco stand we could find. Dysentery on a plate is what John was looking for. And several blocks from our motel at Taqueria el Rodeo, we found it. I had a carne asada burito, sans beans. The meat was a little (okay a lot) overcooked for me, but the flavor was awesome. And the chips on the side were the real, fried-in-lard thing, no tex-mex chipotle lime baked chips here. John had chiorizo and eggs -- and found himself in pork-fat-and-heat heaven.

Dining alfresco was the only option other than schlepping our food back to Best Western and it was more than a little chilly there on a park bench on the side of the highway. But it was good, hearty stick-to-your ribs food at a phenomenal price. Sometimes cheap eats ARE good eats.


Tea said...

Sometimes the dive-iest places are the best.

I hope you don't mind but I tagged you for a meme. Check out Tea and Cookies for the details. You don't have to play if you don't want to, but it could be fun. Cheers!

Culinarily Curious said...

Don't mind... I'm actually looking forward to it. Thanks for thinking of me!