March 15, 2006

Food find - Flatout Bread

Wandering aimlessly around the grocery store deli searching for inspiration, I spy with my little eye an intriguing new product. Flatout... Better than Sliced Bread. hmmm. Flavors like chipotle-lime, Italian herb, and sundried tomato. Whole grain ingredients. 2 grams of fat per serving, 3-9 grams of fiber. Discovering and falling in love with a new "food find" is a guilty pleasure. When I can remove the guilt factor - 'cause I love it AND it's healthy, that's even better.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am searching for Flatout bread in the city, but have been unsuccessful so far. Could you share the name of the deli or any other grocery store (possibly close to the UWS) where I may find it? Thanks!