March 07, 2007

Does My Blog Look GOOD in This?!?

In January it was Mae from Rice and Noodles and her image of Pistachio and Vanilla Truffles that walked away with the top prize. In February, the top honour went to a trio of heavenly mousse flavors from Blanc D'oeuf. Who will win in March?

For those of you who've been residing under a rock, I'm referring to this year's winners of Does My Blog Look Good in This, the food blog community's cross between a best-dressed list and down-and-dirty food porn. It's a monthly opportunity for food bloggers turned photographers to showcase the best of their work -- and the rest of us to salivate over it.

Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity has the honor and the privilege of hosting the March edition. Please, take a moment to peruse the mouth-watering submissions to the January and February editions.

There. Aren't they gorgeous? Are you inspired yet? Hungry? Go ahead... whip up a snack, then come back and learn how you can participate in the March edition.

First, go back through your February archives. Pick your very favorite photograph. Then send and email to me (DMBLGIT0307 at Yahoo dot com) with the following information:

- Your name (or pseudonym, as you wish)
- The URL to your blog
- The URL/permalink to the post where the photo originally appeared
- The title of you photograph
- The type of camera you used

Please attach an electronic copy of the photograph to your email, so I can add your image to the gallery of participants.

The deadline for submissions is Friday March 23, 2007, 6 PM PDT, giving my esteemed judging panel (to be announced once they've all been confirmed) a week to haggle over what is likely to be a difficult decision, if history's any indication.

We'll then choose a first, second, and third prize winner (and perhaps a couple of honorable mentions) in each of the following categories:

Aesthetics: This category addresses technical artistry:composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
Edibility: This category is all about the drool factor -- the picture that makes readers want to lick the monitor.
Originality: The winner here is the photograph that captures our attention because we've never seen anything like it before.
Overall Winner
: This picture has it all -- it's technically, creatively and artistically compelling.

Stay tuned -- I'll be announcing the judging panel in the next couple of days, and I'll post the gallery of participants over the weekend.

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Peabody said...

Okay, I sent my entry off to you.