March 10, 2007

Please Pack Your Knives...

No, it's not Tom, Padma, and that annoying woman from Food and Wine whose name I can never remember... But I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce the bloggers who've generously agreed to assist with judging this month's Does My Blog Look Good in This, all extraordinary food personalities in their own right.

Bron of Bron Marshall, Classic & Creative Cuisine has been honored with three DMBLGiT awards over the course of 2006. Her passion for all things food is immediately evident when you visit her website -- and at least for this reader, highly contagious. Her creations often provide just the inspiration I need to get creative in the kitchen.

Sean Timberlake of Hedonia describes himself a professional writer, amateur foodie, avid traveler and all-around bon vivant. Although I've never managed to make one of his walking tours, I simply can't get enough of his primarily food-focused exposes on all that makes the bay area such an extraordinary place to live. And we're in for a real treat this month -- Sean's professional photographer partner DPaul Brown has graciously agreed to offer his 2c in the judging process.

If Bron is my savory culinary muse, then Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice inspires me to experiment with new ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. Check out her series on the baking classes she's taken. If you haven't disabled your keyboard drooling on it, I invite you to explore some of the sinfully sensational things this woman has done with chocolate.

Our final judge is Jeff from C for Cooking. A self proclaimed food lover, photography fan (and sadly, failed ice cream scooper), Jeff provides fascinating photographic essays detailing his various kitchen activities -- with a bit of mood music to boot! There's just something about a man who's comfortable sharing his kitchen with his wife, his mother, an old friend, or going it alone...

So there, you have it. Your esteemed judging panel for the March edition of Does My Blog Look Good in This. Now it's your turn. Give us something to judge. Follow the instructions in this post to submit your entries.

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Andrew said...

A great choice of judges. Bron's work I am well aware of but a couple of the others are new to me so thanks for highlighting yet more great food bloggers!