January 08, 2008

Dining around Dayton: Harrison's

As predicted, our first catered lunch was an early indication that we were going to have to work to find decent food in the Dayton suburb of Huber Heights. Lunch was also confirmation that my gut instincts to avoid pizza Sunday night... I've never encountered margarine as a pizza topping but it seems to be a staple around here. One of the locals swore he knew where we could do better. So my crowd piled into the car , passing a "restaurant row" littered with Applebees and Olive Garden and headed for Tipp City, OH in search of Harrison's.

According to our host, a native, Tipp City was founded as Tippecanoe City in the 1800's along the Erie Canal, with early commerce built upon the canal trade. And that Harrison's is named at least partially after the town's presidential connection. It's lost none of it's small town midwestern feel, and its streets left your heroine a bit homesick for the summers she spent in the central Illinois mining towns of her ancestors.

The menu centered around smoked meats and beef, though the bourbon-glazed salmon was a brief and strong temptation. I also considered the restaurant's "signature" burger: a half pound of angus ground beef wrapped around a blue cheese and onion mixture, then *deep fried* and served smothered in spicy buffalo sauce. But in the end I opted for a beautifully rare fillet with typical midwest sides: cole slaw, mashed potatoes and sauteed onions.

Definitely worth the drive.

Harrison's | 106 E Main Street, Tipp City OH | 937.667.5200

The Dayton Daily News review.

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Cynthia said...

Phew! As I read I was worried that the trip would not be worth it but thank heavens it did.

Margarine as a pizza topping? who knew...

Mary said...

I'm so glad you found somewhere worthwhile to eat! I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. :(