September 04, 2007

HEALTHY Fair Food?!?

In Texas it's the Fried Cookie Dough. In Minnesota, it's Mac & Cheese on a Stick. Indiana is frying their Twinkies trans-fat free. And they're frying soft drinks in Colorado.

At state and county fairs across the United States, food vendors shove a stick in just about anything edible, drop it in a deep fryer, and sell it to hungry fairgoers at premium prices.

Your heroine is no stranger to the fair food phenomenon.

One of my fondest summertime memories is sharing a corn dog and a coke with Grandpa as we waited in line for the ferris wheel.

And I'm no stranger to the funnel cake.

So while I headed to this year's county fair anticipating a caloric and dietetic disaster, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new relatively healthy new fair food obsession: mango on a stick. For four bucks I walked away with one of the sweetest, juiciest most succulent mangoes I've ever experienced. Sure, it probably prompted a spike in my blood sugar. But it provided some nutritional value with the sugar rush. And as I considered the artery-clogging options I'd passed up, smugness settled in.

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Peabody said...

I would really have to eat that deep fried. About as healhty as I get at the fair is roasted corn.

KJ said...

That's brilliant. I would definitely go for the mango option. What's a funnel cake though? I've never heard of that one

FrancescoP said...

This sounds a body killer .... never hear of fried soft drinks before !!

Omar Cruz said...
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Anonymous said...

This looks delicious and refreshing. I'm in!

Cynthia said...


Elle said...

Isn't that brilliant? It looks like a flower. I usually indulge with garlic fries at the fair.