May 08, 2006

Around the world (wide web)

Found this on The Unemployed Cook and since she's left it open, I've decided to participate...

Three recipes you have recently bookmarked from food blogs to try:

Spinach Salad with Cinnamon Dressing from 28 Cooks

Coconut Almond Snapper Fingers with Grapefruit and Avocado Salad from the Traveler's Lunchbox

Garlic Soup with Mussels from The Wednesday Chef.

A food blog in your vicinity:

Tea and Cookies is just across the bay, though we've never met.

A food blog located far from you:

Grab Your Fork is on the opposite end of the globe.

A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?):

Well aside from the obvious: The Unemployed Cook there's also Hedonia, What We're Eating and the brand new Eat Local Challenge. I find new blogs primarily through referrals from some of my favorite reads.

Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme:

I'll leave it as the Unemployed Cook did... open to whomever would like to take it from here...


Fiber said...

Thanks for the link! You have a great looking blog!

Marianne said...

I'm glad to see you picked this up! Thanks for the link.