May 26, 2006

Watch it wiggle...never too old for jello shooters!

We gave Barbara and Ansel a simple directive.

We asked them to cater an afterparty for the members of our dance committee. They were to work within a modest budget. We wanted *good* food, *real* food – not deli trays and tubs of dip from Costco. We wanted a balance between “foodie” and accessible. We wanted a party our guests wouldn’t soon forget.

Barbara and Ansel delivered.

Jello shooters. Over 300 individually packaged Jello shooters. Tequila & lime. Vodka & cherry. Displayed artfully on a tray presented to each guest as they arrived.


But they didn’t stop there.

Milling around the party suite, jello shooters in hand, our guests encountered trays of hand made finger sandwiches. Home baked cookies and lemon bars. Real onion dip, with real-not-rehydrated onions. Spice cake. Triple chocolate sheet cake. And a chocolate fountain with goodies for dipping. All of it real food. And eminently accessible.

Barbara and Ansel succeeded, beyond our wildest expectations.

Our committee will *never* forget our afterparty.

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