May 17, 2006

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em... - Sushi King (Milpitas)

And others escape greatness altogether.

They. just. suck.

John's comment when he tried the spicy tuna roll was that it had to get better from there. Unfortunately, it didn't. The salmon was oily, not buttery. The rice was dry. And we could taste fish through the heavy brine on the saba.

You've seen the plastic sushi displays that commonly adorn Japanese restaurant window displays. Looks good, but tastes -- well -- like plastic.

In retrospect, I think the plastic sushi might have been tastier. And it certainly looks better than some of what we were served.

To be fair to the restaurant, we arrived toward the end of their lunch service. Late enough that the boat/bar was already closed, but the chef would prepare our selections to order. Fine with us. That's generally our modus operandi in boat establishments anyway -- watch the boats full of pretty-if-unsanitary fish circle as entertainment, order fresh from the chef.

In the end, Sushi King wasn't bad. Where bad is defined as resulting in food poisoning. But it wasn't good. And it certainly fell far short of great.

Sushi King
74 Ranch Dr, Milpitas