December 05, 2006

Change one thing, change EVERYTHING

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. -The Butterfly Effect, 2004

When writer's block strikes (as it will, after a marathon of more than thirty days) I find myself turning to some of the memes I've followed over the last year for inspiration. I spent the summer compelled by some of the most fascinating "what if" stories -- a result of Dan from Salt Shaker's Butterfly Effect meme.

The premise: expound on the the small, simple food items or events that forever altered the way you view the world. He offers the following categories:

1. An ingredient
2. A dish, a recipe
3. A meal (in a restaurant, a home, or elsewhere)
4. A cookbook or other written work
5. A food “'personality'” (chef, writer, etc.)
6. Another person in your life

Stay tuned: Between now and January 1 I will reflect on each of these categories individually, sharing the small epiphanies that have spurred my culinary curiosity...

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