December 02, 2006

Welcome Hollidailies Readers...

For those of you finding your way here through the Hollidailies website, welcome to my little corner of the world. Pull up a chair, grab some ice cream or a hearty bowl of soup. Join me on a tour of some of the bay area's best restaurants and farmer's markets. And allow me to share my "food philosophy...

Repeat after me: I am NOT a foodie. Yes, I have a passion for food -- how it's grown, how it's prepared, how it's marketed. What makes an efficient home kitchen. What makes a successful commercial kitchen.

But it's not about what's new and trendy and hot. I can be as happy with a Chicago-style hotdog on a park bench as the sleekest sexiest stunt sushi. Sometimes happier. Food is about family and friends and community. It offers me a connection to my past, an opportunity to learn, grow, create and share.

That's what this space is about. Sharing some of that with all of you.

Bon Appetit!

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