April 05, 2008

Having a Par-tay

A full pound of butter.

8 egg whites.

Over a cup of whole milk.

Over two cups of sugar.

I think I gained two pounds just reading the recipe (and another two or three drooling over the photograph). To prevent further weight gain, I decided that Dorie Greenspan's "Perfect Party Cake" BEGS to be shared with a crowd. A large crowd.

Lucky for us, large crowds are often our specialty. This month, the tasting honor fell to John's Wednesday night square dance group, who hosted their annual Circus Circus hoedown this evening. (Yes, a more accomplished baker would have decorated the cake in the circus theme. But my cake decorating skills rival those of a four year old).

Morven of Food, Art and Random Thoughts was the gracious hostess of this month's Daring Baker challenge and she offered bakers plenty of leeway in interpreting Dorie's recipe. In the interest of meeting our get-out-the-door deadline, I stuck pretty close to the original, baking the cake in a single half sheet pan and slicing the finished product in thirds to create a rectangular layer cake that would fit perfectly in my cake carrier and slice easily on a crowded buffet.

John jumped in and assembled the butter cream with the same ease he displayed with December's yule log. We used blueberry preserves as the filling, providing a worthy counterpart to the meyer lemon scented cake and butter cream.

The cake made the 45 mile journey to the dance just fine. The refreshment committee opened a rather impressive buffet at quarter to nine. At 9:05 I decided I'd better snag one of the last dozen pieces if John and I were going to taste it. By 9:15 the refreshment committee had washed and stowed my cake carrier.

Three people asked me to share the recipe. Eleven asked me to bake this cake for them for {insert significant event here}.

Dorie. Morven. We have a hit.

I'm late to this month's Daring Baker challenge, but if you missed the hoopla last weekend you can catch up here. And to try the cake in your own kitchen, Morven has the recipe here.

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Di said...

Nice job on the cake. I like your idea to make it rectangular--I'm going to have to give that a try at some point. Sounds like it was a hit! A lot of my baked goods end up at our monthly dances (ballroom for us, rather than square dancing), and they usually disappear quickly. =)

Linda said...

What a great idea to share your cake with a crowd!
Ans speeking of sharing, I’m part of a team that organizes a foodie roundup event every 2 weeks on a given theme and would love if you would participate. The current theme is springtime salads. What do you say? Also if you have any theme suggestions I would be happy to hear them too.

Wishing you many yummy recipes to come :)

Megan said...

A hit indeed!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Hi honey! Just found this blog and wanted to say hi. Nice cake, looks yummy. Happy 40!

Miss ya.

Katie B. said...

Great looking cake!!

Chris said...

Love the rectangle! Looks lovely!

Tanya said...

Looks gorgeous! If that's a 4 year old's icing job... well, then I'm going to need a few years of remedial Pre-K. Not that that's a surprise :)

I'm so excited to see what you come up with this month.

Julius said...


I missed your party cake - it looks just grand!

Thanks, btw, for the TWD nomination. I am so flattered.

Love you blog.

Julius from Occasional Baker

Kristen said...

This looks so cool. I love the shape!

Jaime said...

great job! sounds like it was a big hit!

eatme_delicious said...

Your cake is gorgeous!