April 13, 2008

Kitchn Cure Update

Inspired by the Kitchn Cure 2008, I spent the better part of an afternoon paring through my plastic (and glass) container collection. It proved at least as much a psychological exercise or a physical one. As a child of children of the depression, I'm more than a bit of a pack rat. If it's functional, I'll hang onto it, whether or not it has a function in my kitchen.

Example: We don't have a dog... do we really *need* to hang onto the complimentary dog food bowl we received from some hotel looking for business for if/when we do? And yes, I save empty mayonnaise, mustard and peanut butter jars with the intent of storing staples... but if they're piling up in the container cabinet (where I'm convinced they reproduce) what value are they bringing?

In the end four and a half boxes of discarded containers (including the dog food bowl) hit the recycle bin. And I now have half of my container cabinet to house my Kitchen Aid...

From the archives...
In 2006 we spent a girl's night indulging in good wine and substandard sushi.

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