July 09, 2008

When it's too HOT to cook...

What's for dinner when it's 90 degrees in the kitchen and turning on the oven's not an option? Mortadella Panini!

God love George Foreman and his magic little grill on nights like this.

Thankfully John and I swung by Oxbow Market on our winding way back from the weekend in Fort Bragg, so I have a half a pound of Fatted Calf mortadella and some luscious local arugula to play with.

Starting there, I foraged around the fridge. Provalone... yeah, that needs using up. And here's a half an avocado. A couple of slices of red onion and a generous teaspoon of champagne shallot mustard will finish it off. A couple minutes on the grill, a handful of Kettle chips and another handful of sungold tomatoes and I'm in business.

Think I can get a job with Tom at one of the 'wichcrafts?

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Anonymous said...

It's midnight and my house is still 82 degrees! It's way too hot too cook, but I like your sandwich solution.

CookiePie said...

Beautiful sandwich! Great idea for a hot summer night. Or a cold winter night. Or a Saturday at around 3... yup, I'd be happy to eat that just about any time :)

Katie's blog said...

I am looking forward to Taste and Create this month! You have some lovely recipes.

Tanya said...

Mmmmm. Sungolds! My favorite!

Thanks for your comment, by the way, it's true, rustic and artisan are trends... and that's what I'll remind myself when it's time to take pictures of this month's challenge, which I did yesterday. Shmur!