November 28, 2006

A diet of Tylenol, toast, and orange juice...

Yes, on Sunday night after an activity-filled but enjoyable holiday weekend, I uttered the words "I think I need another four days off."

This is not exactly what I had in mind.

Because while I have a pantry that would probably sustain me through four weeks of quarantine and the internet as my infinite library of recipes, I don't have the energy to lift a spoon let alone peel potatoes or marinate the cod in the 'fridge.

It took me an hour to unload the dishwasher this afternoon. The carrot soup recipe I unearthed for combining the bounty from this week's CSA box with Tammy's latest blogging event will have to wait.

Hopefully the advice nurse I spoke to is wrong -- and my symptoms DON'T indicate an acute sinus infection -- and I'll be back in action in the kitchen before the weekend.

Because Tylenol, toast, orange juice and ramen noodles just aren't inspiring...

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wheresmymind said...

Our pantry would probably get me a good salad right about now ;)