November 01, 2006


Welcome to November.

We're leaving on a cruise in two days -- seven days of rest and relaxation (and hopefully some good food) in the Western Caribbean -- probably the first *real* vacation of my adult life (Weekend getaways notwithstanding). While my blog IS recreation, internet access in the Atlantic comes at a hefty price...

Upon our return from Florida, we have a week to prepare for our 6th annual open house -- a hundred or so of our closest friends dropping in for a glass of wine, a plate or two of finger food and our sensational hospitality. Six-point-five days to get the house clean, the menu planned and prepared, the wine poured...

Thanksgiving falls quickly on the heels of the open house. We're changing the holiday pace a bit this year. After years of talking about it, we're going to take the plunge. Rather than drifting into a tryptophan-induced coma in the mid-afternoon, we're going to give back to the community. We're going to join Daniel & Tracy at the restaurant, helping them prepare and serve feast for the homeless.

Oh, and mid-month is critical to my company's success or failure with a project that reengineers our business process and its infrastructure from end-to-end. I'm a critical contributor to the project, and my long term prospects hinge on its success.

Yeah, seems like a great time to commit to daily blog posting.

I should be committed. Because that's precisely what I've done. I've joined a group of dedicated bloggers participating in NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Posting Month. So for the next 30 days I pledge that the five of you reading this will see something new from me. Something at least loosely food-related.

On a positive note, it's a busy month. I should have plenty of fodder with which to entertain you.

One down, 29 to go...

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wheresmymind said...

Hope you have a blast...we wanna see pix when you come back!