November 21, 2006

Three days in the kitchen

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend this year. Not for the shopping. Not for the sleeping (okay... maybe a *little* for the sleeping.) But mostly for the opportunity to reconnect with my kitchen. The cooking. The baking. Without the attendant deadlines from last weekend.

And because we're *serving* the Thanksgiving feast rather than indulging in it, I suspect I'll have energy for more than poking buttons on the remote control watching a marathon of "Seasons Eatings".

Not sure exactly what I'm going to make yet beyond the general "some soup," "a cake or two" and "some cookies". But I had fun today in my half-empty office today contemplating the possibilities.

There's the Cranberry Upside-Down Cake that dropped off last weekend's menu. I've got some great looking cranberries from the CSA.

And a Spiced Apple and Almond Cake for the gorgeous Pink Ladies in the box. Or maybe some fritters?

A Roasted Pumpkin Soup that caught my eye.

And in honor of the upcoming Sugar High Friday, I may spend some time playing with chocolates. Or caramel. Or Nutella. Or limoncello.

The mind boggles.

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