July 11, 2006

Creatures of habit - Trattoria Pasta Grotto (Foster City)

Every time we venture across the bridge to Pasta Grotto, I vow to try something new.

I rarely choose Italian out (it's easy and cheap to make at home) -- yet almost everything on Alex's menu intrigues me. It's a small, hole-in-the-wall strip-mall restaurant. It's typically Alex (the owner) and a couple of guys in the kitchen. One time we ordered the fondue, and Alex darted out to a nearby grocery store for a missing ingredient. It's cloth tablecloths and a faux fireplace in the corner. It's simple and a bit kitchy -- but only a bit. Mostly, it's homey.

This visit would have been the perfect opportunity to venture out of my comfort zone. I were both torn between "the standard" and the daily specials. Fresh salmon ravioli in a light dill cream sauce. Grilled fresh salmon fillets over garlic roasted mashed potatoes with a red onion marmalade.

But in the end I again opted for the familiar.

Rosti Abbondanza. two crispy-tender potato pancakes topped with fresh diced tomatoes. Sweet purple onions, Just-the-right-amount of shredded romaine. Buttery avocado. Sliced grilled chicken breast, still warm from the oven. Topped with melted cheese and a creamy-tart house dressing.

A delightful combination of the best of Swiss and Italian Cuisine.

On a warm summer evening as the sun sets over the bay, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Tratorria Pasta Grotto
1058 Shell Blvd, Foster City

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Anonymous said...

This meal is amazingly good. I just had it yesterday.