July 04, 2006

Happiness is a happy hound! (Happy Hound, Los Gatos)

“Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and hot dogs.”
(Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1890-1969)

On our way out of town to celebrate July 4 with some friends, a hot dog and a soda was just what we needed to stave off hunger for the drive ahead. Not a lemon-chicken sauage or a quarter pound of tofu molded in sausage shape. A real, honest, all-American all-beef hot dog.

Fortunately, there's the Happy Hound. Family-owned and operated since the 1970's, the small building stands out like a red-headed step-sibbling next to it's glitzy modern fast-food neighbors on busy Los Gatos Blvd. But the line of two dozen people stretching out the door and into the parking lot suggests the folks at the Hound are onto something.

Nine inches of all beef hot dog. Stuffed into a steamed bun with sliced tomatoes & onions and a heatly squirt of mustard. Topped liberally with shredded cheddar cheese. Who needs caviar?

Happy Hound Old Fashioned Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
15899 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos

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Liz said...

I have been having a serious craving for a hotdog, and may have to stop at Wasses' (Maine's famous hotdog stand) tomorrow and satisfy it. That picture pushed me over the edge!

Anonymous said...

I would love one of those right now!