November 07, 2007

Seeking menu advice...

We're planning a party.

Our seventh annual pre-holiday open house is quickly approaching.

In two weeks, around a hundred of our closest friends will stop by for a glass of wine, a bite to eat, and a few minutes or a few hours to chat.

So I'm thinking about finger foods.

We'll certainly feature some of our proven hits. Dom's Mom's Meatballs. The Crab and Wild Mushroom Cheesecake. Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin. Tyler Florence's Wild Mushroom Tartlettes. Brie Kisses. And bite-sized coconut Bostinis.

But we're also searching for something new to entice our guests. And I'm turning to you my food-loving friends. Give me your go-to recipes. Our focus is on finger food, but anything that will work well on a buffet is fair game. Extra credit for anything that can be made ahead.

Gimme what you got. Post a link in the comments. Or send it in email (dolores dot ferrero at gmail dot com). I'll post a follow-up after the event with the recipes we used and our guests comments.

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KPB said...

Some friends of ours do this - get in before the party/festive season goes crazy. She did a magnificent job by doing a whole glazed ham for the do - as it was the beginning of the season no one was hammed out as it were. She then set it up on the buffet, and carved slabs of glorious warmed ham off the bone. She simply served it with thick slices of a decent sourdough and a range of mustards and a homemade relish or two.

She also did blinis as you can make hundreds of the tasty little pikelets ahead of time and then simply top with some smoked salmon, salmon roe etc just as people are arriving.

This year I'm determined to do Nigella's parma ham parcels - a slice of prosciutto with some goats cheese and I believe some fresh fig wrapped inside - she wraps them so they're almost triangular and mouth-pop-in size.

Just some initial thoughts and ever so pleased you found me for me to find you!

Anonymous said...

What a smart girl you are to plan way ahead. You have me thinking that a buffet style might be perfect for me this year as my company has many stops and can't do a big sit down meal. Stuffed mushrooms maybe?

breadchick said...

Dolores, email me. I'm catering an all finger food/dessert buffet this weekend and can give you all the recipes and the menu. There are some pretty fabulous things on it like fried polenta sticks, fig blue cheese stuffed phyllo cups, etc.

BC said...

I've made a Tuscan Schiacciata (flatbread) with ham and cheese for our open house. It can be made ahead and frozen, then reheated and sliced into finger food sized squares. If you freeze it, add the salt and olive oil to the top just before reheating.

Here is a link with a picture

Unknown said...

Try these from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. They're amazingly tasty!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest mini food like pizzas, samosas, spring rolls, cheese puffs, quiches, berry pies, muffins...